International baby names 2023: Trends and ideas for girls, boys and unisex

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International baby names 2023: Trends and ideas for girls, boys and unisex - Baby Names 2023: Trends and inspirations

Choosing the perfect name for your baby is an exciting task

that occupies many parents-to-be. In this blog post, we present the most beautiful international baby names 2023 with a selection from Germany, England, France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. Get excited about the current trends and inspirations and discover the favourites of the Lux4Kids Service Team!
The baby name trends 2023 focus on a mix of traditional and modern names that are international and unique. Here are our top 10 favourite baby names for girls, boys and unisex, including their meanings:
Girls' names:
1st Lara (Germany, England) - "the protector".
2. Anna (France, Netherlands) - "the graceful one
3. maya (Spain, Italy) - "the illusion
4. Amelia (England, France) - "the diligent one
5. bianca (Italy, Spain) - "the white one
6. Lina (Germany, Netherlands) - "the gentle one
7. Zoe (England, Germany) - "the life
8. Elodie (France, Spain) - "the euphony
9. Valentina (Italy, France) - "the strong one
10. Julia (Netherlands, Spain) - "the youth"

Boys' names:
1. Elias (Germany, England) - "God is my helper"
2. Louis (France, Netherlands) - "the famous fighter".
3. Carlos (Spain, Italy) - "the free one
4. Benjamin (England, France) - "son of fortune".
5. Lorenzo (Italy, Spain) - "the Laurel Wreathed".
6. felix (Germany, Netherlands) - "the happy one
7. Oscar (England, Germany) - "Divine Spear
8th Mathis (France, Spain) - "Gift of God
9. Edoardo (Italy, France) - "the protector of property"
10. Ruben (Netherlands, Spain) - "Behold, a son!"
Unisex names:
1. Alex (Germany, England) - "the protector"
2. morgan (France, Netherlands) - "the sea dweller
3. Cameron (Spain, Italy) - "the scimitar-nosed one
4. riley (England, France) - "the rye meadow
5. avery (Italy, Spain) - "the elf
6. sydney (germany, netherlands) - "from the pasture
7. bailey (England, Germany) - "the rampart
8. Adrian (France, Spain) - "the dark one
9th Kendall (Italy, France) - "the valley of the river Kent".
10. Jesse (Netherlands, Spain) - "God exists"

1st Nordic baby names: In this list you will find a selection of Nordic baby names popular in Scandinavian countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland.
Girl names:
1st Freya (Norse) - "mistress, woman".
2. astrid (Old Norse) - "divinely beautiful
3. ingrid (Old Norse) - "beautiful goddess
4. elin (Swedish) - "the radiant one
5. saga (Old Norse) - "tale, story".
6. signe (Old Norse) - "the victory
7. liv (Old Norse) - "protection, life".
8. Maja (Scandinavian) - "mother earth
9. Linnea (Swedish) - "Linné, a Swedish surname".
10. Emelie (Swedish) - "rival, eager"
Boys' names:
1. Erik (Old Norse) - "the autocrat".
2. Soren (Danish) - "strict, serious"
3. lars (Scandinavian) - "laurel
4. henrik (Scandinavian) - "landlord, ruler
5. Anders (Scandinavian) - "man, warrior".
6. nils (Swedish) - "victory of the people
7. Oskar (Old Norse) - "God's spear".
8. bjorn (Old Norse) - "bear
9. gustav (Swedish) - "staff of the god
10. leif (Old Norse) - "heir, descendant
11. trendy baby names that fit internationally: This list contains modern and trendy baby names that can be well understood and pronounced in many countries and cultures.
Girls' names:
1. luna (Latin) - "the moon".
2. zoe (Greek) - "life
3. mila (Slavic) - "lovely, friendly
4. aria (Italian) - "air, melody".
5. isla (Scottish) - "island
6. amara (Igbo) - "grace, grace"
7. nova (Latin) - "new
8. lila (Arabic) - "night
9. esme (French) - "beloved, cherished".
10. Thea (Greek) - "goddess"
Boys' names:
1. Kai (Hawaiian, Scandinavian) - "sea, earth"
2. liam (Irish) - "strong warrior
3. levi (Hebrew) - "joined, united
4. felix (Latin) - "happy, successful
5. milo (Latin) - "gracious, lovely"
6. arlo (Old English) - "fortified hill
7. ezra (Hebrew) - "help
8. nico (Greek) - "victory of the people
9. mateo (Spanish) - "gift of God
10. Jasper (Persian) - "Treasurer"

Here is a list of some of the most beautiful double names for girls and boys:
Girls' names:
1. Anna-Lena (German) - "grace" + "the shining one".
2. Maria-Sofia (Italian, Spanish) - "the beloved" + "the wisdom
3. Lily-Rose (English) - "lily" + "rose
4. clara-louise (French, German) - "bright, clear" + "famous warrior
5. Emma-Lucia (English, Spanish) - "the holistic one" + "the light"
Boys' names:
1. Jean-Luc (French) - "God is gracious" + "light"
2. Thomas-Alexander (English, Greek) - "twin" + "protector of men
3. Luca-Matteo (Italian) - "Light" + "Gift of God
4. Leon-Hugo (German, Spanish) - "Lion" + "Wisdom
5. Samuel-Noah (Hebrew) - "heard by God" + "rest, comfort".
These double names combine different names to create unique and resonant creations. They offer a beautiful way to combine traditions or give your child a very special name.

In the search for the perfect name for your child, there are many factors to consider. It is important to choose a name that both you and your child like. You should also think about the well-being of your child: How will the name be pronounced and spelled in everyday life? How will it be received at school and in later professional life? The meaning and internationality of the name can also play a role in the choice.

At the end of the day, it is important to choose a name that fits your child and your family, and that makes your child feel loved and appreciated. Just as you choose the perfect name for your child, you should also look for the perfect outfit. Visit our shop to discover high quality prams and other premium products that will provide comfort, safety and joy for you and your child.