Pushchairs 4 in1 incl. Baby Seat + ISOFIX

Pushchairs 4 in1 incl. Baby Seat + ISOFIX

Top seller - Stroller 4 in 1 Isofix

This 4-in-1 stroller has many uses and has a great stroller accessories. With this stroller you do not need a second one. The multifunctional stroller offers you and your child a lot of comfort. It can also be used for off-road and sports activities. Its 4 solid tires with 4-way suspension provide great stability while walking and absorb every shock. Just choose your favorite model.

With this product you have a means of transport that can be used from birth for your treasure. It is a faithful companion that will give your baby a support until toddler age. The combi stroller has a modular design, can be quickly converted using the quick-click technology and combines the following practical elements:

  • Baby bath

  • infant carrier

  • seat unit

  • Sport child seat

When your sweetheart is old enough to sit upright, you can turn the stroller into a buggy and give him a different view of the world. Up to an age of about four years and a maximum weight of 15 kg, the combi stroller is your reliable companion. Therefore, a stroller is a long-term purchase that will save you time and money in the future.

Baby bath - stroller combi 4 in 1

This baby tub is very practical for newborns, up to the age of 6 months. It can also be used as a baby carrier and is designed for babies who are not yet able to hold their own head upright. Especially for longer outings, your baby will love this option, as it covers the space requirements of your offspring. It can stretch out and sleep on its back or stomach. When it falls asleep, you can remove the tray in a few simple steps and take it inside the house, where your treasure can continue to slumber.

Combi stroller with infant carrier and ISOFIX frame

The infant carrier is perfect for driving, as it can be quickly and easily installed in the car in just a few simple steps. Isofix is an internationally standardized attachment mechanism for the child seat. The main advantage of Isofix over fastening with a seat belt is the firm, rigid connection between the child seat and the car seat by attaching the bracket. In other words, Isofix is a stable connection between the baby seat and the vehicle. This greatly facilitates the safe installation of the seat in the car.

This complete set includes a stroller with baby car seat and ISOFIX base. The baby car seat is suitable from birth to about 4 years.

Seat unit in the stroller 4in 1

Use the seat unit when your sweetheart has outgrown the infant carrier and bassinet, has strong back muscles and can now lift his head on his own. Your little one will love this seat because they can now better understand what is going on. You can decide for yourself which viewing direction your offspring may have, towards you or in the direction of travel.

The stroller with sport child seat

The 4 in 1 stroller is also suitable as a sports stroller. It includes a stroller with sports seat, special suspension, swivel wheels and shock absorbers. This type of stroller is especially popular with parents who like to take their little ones off-road. It is characterized by high comfort, larger wheels and straps and bars. Here, too, your children are fully protected.

Off-road safety: taking your child for a walk in the woods and getting out of town is a way for you and your family to relieve tension and stress. For this reason, this stroller set has been equipped with special pneumatic tires to be used on gravel paths and trails. Also, the stroller is equipped with suspension to protect your treasure from bumps when going over rough surfaces. If you want to stop on uneven terrain, for example, on a small hill, you can use the foot brake that can be locked on both sides. The stroller then stands tilt-resistant and your treasure can not fall out

Accessories for every season - sun canopy and rain canopy

Babies and toddlers need a lot of fresh air. So that you are prepared for long trips, there are useful accessories for your stroller. In the warmer months, an insect screen will protect your baby from mosquito bites. With a stroller rain cover, your child will stay dry in any weather. In fall and winter, sheepskin, cotton or fleece footmuffs are designed to wick away moisture and keep your baby's feet warm. In the summer, you can switch to a breathable microfiber foot support. If the sun is shining too hard, protect your treasure from UV rays and excessive heat with a sun canopy. Additional accessories: diaper bag, mosquito net, carrycot, Isofix base frame.

Conclusion: stroller set with Isofix base frame

The 4-in-1 Isofix stroller has been around for decades and has proven to be one of the most popular options for everyday use. This combination of the four attachments combines everything parents need for transportation. The assembly of the parts is simply very easy. For as much movement and safety as possible, the baby stroller set has swivel wheels and pneumatic wheels. With this equipment, your toddler will have the utmost comfort.

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