About us

About us

Lux4Kids only the best for your baby

In our multilingual, innovative pram shop, which you can reach at the URL www.lux4kids.de, we present you with a diverse and excellent product portfolio. Our shop offers you a range of dream pushchairs from 139.90 euros to 999.90 euros at a price that allows it to adapt flexibly to different budget situations. With us you can thus risklessly "the best of the best" for your new small earth citizen purchase.

With "lux4kids" you receive without exception products of tested and proven manufacturers

We are proud to be able to offer you exquisite dream pushchairs from top brands such as "Chilly Kids", "Ferrily & Fitz", and "Milk Rock Baby", pushchairs in modern designs and fantastic equipment. So you get for your little darling in our professional pram shop "lux4kids" without exception strong brands of renowned manufacturers! Our comprehensive pram test, which takes care of many models separately, shows you at a glance the advantages that you can expect when buying such a product. In addition, our professional team at lux4kids has attached great importance to special shop usability to make your purchase on our site a real event. If, for example, you only want to get information about a specific result in a pram test, you only need to move the computer mouse over one of the symbols and you can immediately read the answer "hidden" behind the symbol. In this way, the baby carriage comparison will be particularly easy and clear for you. Our system pushchairs are all equipped with a separate frame and swivelling wheels for better manoeuvrability. A bathtub with upholstery and a matching car seat are also part of our exquisite VIP pram sets.

We live up to our company name: Dream pushchairs of the luxury class for your offspring!

On the pages of our pram shop "lux4kids" you can be taken into the world of high-quality prams from well-known and high-quality manufacturers and imagine how your newborn will feel comfortable in one of our prams. Take advantage of our unbeatable 3 in 1 complete sets and enjoy the beautiful, partly colourful designs, which offer the perfect pram for every taste and requirement. Equipped with a matching diaper bag, raincover and mosquito net, you can take your little worm for a walk in any weather! Our free shipping as well as our unbeatable price-performance ratio will surely inspire you as well as our dream pushchairs! Optionally you can also order our lux4kids parasol and/or the multifunctional quality winter footmuff for a fair surcharge, which offers real comfort in wind and weather thanks to its sheepskin insert. Available in various colours, the head area can also be transformed into a mummy shape by means of a push button. It is also suitable for use in buggies and/or joggers and is equipped with a dirt- and water-repellent upper material. In addition, you can expect excellent, high-quality and precisely fitting pram fitted sheets as well as easy-care foam core mattresses, because we want your little darling to have nothing missing with regard to our dream prams!

What else we can offer you, and what you should definitely keep in mind when buying in our pram shop

The purchase of a pram for your little child requires some careful consideration beforehand. Be sure to make a comparison and also a price comparison. Our pram tests will help you to make the right decision. The knowledgeable tests inform you in detail what else you should pay attention to. To take just one example, it is particularly useful if you can adjust the infant carrier in both driving directions, which is usually not the case with cheaper models! Our test article "Blickrichtung aus dem Kinderwagen" (Direction of view from the pram) will tell you more about this important topic. You can also use our pram configurator to find exactly the model you are looking for. Please continue to pay attention to the chassis, because it should be as manoeuvrable as possible so that manoeuvring in shops or on narrow pavements is not unnecessarily difficult. It must be possible to fold the undercarriage to a handy size for transport, so that you can transport your dream pushchair comfortably in the car, in the plane or in the train.