Lux4Kids, because we only have one earth

Our shipping is of course climate-friendly and comes from the production site. We therefore do not need any intermediate storage and save unnecessary transport routes. We also keep our storage area as small as possible. This enables us to keep our energy requirements low. The built-up area is also smaller, which is good for the environment. Our prams are stored pre-assembled, but are not fully assembled until they are ordered. This allows us to make optimal use of the space available. Naturally, we ship the prams to you quickly in recycled cardboard boxes. Recycled cardboard boxes are much more environmentally friendly than cardboard boxes made from primary fibres. The resources of our planet are also conserved here. Since not all of our prams are manufactured by ourselves, we also make sure that our partners work as ecologically as possible. The environmental awareness of our partners has always been very important to us.

Produktion Lux4kids

In the production of our articles, we pay close attention to sourcing all components that we cannot produce ourselves regionally. Our products are produced without long delivery routes. Due to the proximity to all suppliers, it is also much easier to guarantee a consistently high quality. Many of our partner companies are in our direct neighbourhood, which keeps the Co2 emissions low. All suppliers do not use environmentally harmful processes and chemicals. All metal parts are either painted with a water-based varnish or coated. Of course, fabric and foam remnants are also processed. These are, for example, shredded to make cushion fillings for outdoor use. In this way we have done something good for the environment and at the same time you save money.

Sustainability also means longevity for us. On the one hand, our prams are safe and stable, but something can always happen, so we have an excellent supply of spare parts. No matter if you lose a part during a flight or something else happens. You can still get spare parts from us even after years. If it's a component that you can't change yourself, our specialist workshop is there for you. The longer a product lives, the better its carbon footprint. Our prams can easily withstand several children in a row. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, our prams still look great even after years of use.

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Lux4Kids Nachhaltigkeit
Of course, we not only have an ecological responsibility, but as an employer we also have a social responsibility. Of course, we are aware of this. We therefore pay close attention to the observance of fair wages in our partner companies. We take the responsibility for our employees and their families very seriously. We also always try to support social projects. We also regularly help families who would otherwise not be able to afford a pram. For us, it is important to make the world a better place. We are sure that we can achieve a lot more in the future with further measures. Every gram of Co2 we can save is an important contribution to preserving our planet for our children.