Pushchairs 3 in 1 incl. Baby Seat

Pushchairs 3 in 1 incl. Baby Seat

What means pram 3 in 1 with car seat ?

The 3 in 1 pram is a very popular combination pram that combines different types of strollers. It can accompany you and your child from birth to toddlerhood. This has the enormous advantage that you can save good money with the combination pram, because having offspring is wonderful and also expensive. With the 3 in 1 pushchair set, you are perfectly equipped for the first years of your child's life. With a few simple steps, you can adapt the 3 in 1 pram to your child's needs and convert it into the following variants:

  • Pushchair with carrycot
  • Pushchair with carrycot
  • Pushchair with seat unit

Depending on your child's age, weight, circumstances and preference, you can adapt your multifunctional pram to your child. The 3 in 1 pram serves as a carrycot, a car seat, a pushchair and for discovering the world. Our offers are versatile and have a fair price-performance ratio.

Features and benefits - combi pushchair set

Our combi pushchairs are practical, sustainable, handy and can serve as a travel system thanks to their multifunctionality. This makes the buggy superfluous.  The 3 in 1 combination pram is very simple to use.  It has wheels, a frame, a push bar and various removable attachments. These can be fitted or removed in a few easy steps. Depending on the model, the attachments can be used as a baby bath, a baby seat or a seat unit for your child. In addition to the space for your baby, our 3 in 1 pushchairs offer generous space for your private belongings, such as the diaper bag and for shopping. You will usually find the storage space underneath the seat, in the pushchair frame, where there is a storage option in the form of a net.

The carrycot for the combination pushchair

Due to the pre-set lying position, it is particularly suitable for newborn babies up to 6 months. They have to lie down because they cannot yet hold their head by themselves. Your child can enjoy especially long trips in this low part of the pram, because in the carrycot he or she has a lot of freedom of movement and comfort. Another trump card: if your baby falls asleep during the ride in the combination pram, you can simply remove the shell and carry your baby inside to continue sleeping.

The infant carrier - pram with car seat

It is ideal for car journeys, as it can be quickly and easily installed in the car in just a few steps. The shell is fastened in the car against the direction of travel with the belt. The click system is easy to use, which makes mounting and demounting the shell on the pram a breeze. Simply loosen the straps in the car and lift the baby and carrycot out of the car and onto the pushchair frame. Secure it and you're done. For long trips, however, we recommend the carrycot, as your offspring has more freedom.

The seat unit for the 3 in 1 pushchair

This assembly is used when your toddler has outgrown the infant carrier and the carrycot, has strong back muscles and can now hold his head by himself. Your toddler will love the seat because from now on he has a better view of what is happening. The swivelling push bar allows you to decide for yourself which direction your offspring should face. The child seat can be mounted either in your direction or in the direction of travel. Of course, your darling is secured with a 5-point safety harness so that he or she cannot fall out.

What is a pushchair?

The sports pushchair is a pram which has a sports seat, special suspension, swivel wheels and shock absorbers. This type of pushchair is particularly popular with parents who like to take their children out and about. It is characterised by its high level of comfort and has larger wheels, as well as harnesses and cross bars. Here, too, your offspring are adequately secured. This sets it apart from the light and compact buggy.

The combi pram - for what age?

The combi pushchair is the solution for you and your child, which accompanies you up to toddler age. For newborns, up to an age of about 15 months or a body weight of 10 kg to 13 kg, both the infant carrier and the carrycot are suitable for trips with the pram and by car. When your offspring has developed stronger muscles, you can fall back on the seat. This can be used with most models up to a weight of about 20 kilograms.

Pushchair accessories, models & design

Whether boy or girl, you will find the right pram with us. Our articles are available in your favourite colour and design. The accessories, such as the rain cover, the mosquito net, the footmuff for cold days, the parasol or the cup holder depend on the model. You are welcome to read this information in our respective product descriptions. Pram accessories, with which each of our prams is usually equipped, are a handbrake and a safety bar, for the safety of the baby. A changing bag is often included in the price.  Children love our cosy pram equipment. Parents love our wide selection. You can choose between plain designs or patterns, modern and nostalgic prams. In addition, we offer the possibility to freely design your combi pram with our editor. Just ask for it. We offer models at different prices, for every budget. Shipping is included in our prices. All our products meet the test standards.