2 in 1 stroller without infant carrier

The birth of a child is an exciting time for all parents, which requires a lot of planning in advance. Baby clothes, diapers and of course the stroller. We would like to relieve you of a little work and inform you in our article about strollers without baby seats.

Combination stroller: the difference between 2 in 1, 3 in1 & 4 in 1.

In general, combination strollers are distinguished between a 2 in 1 model, a 3 in 1 model and a 4 in 1 model:

  • The 2 in 1 model is the least expensive and combines the stroller frame with two different attachments that accompany your child from birth to toddlerhood: The bassinet and the sport attachment or also called stroller. More information about these two stroller attachments can be found a little further down in the text.

  • In the 3 in 1 model, you will find a third attachment, the baby seat, in addition to those already mentioned. It is primarily designed to transport your child in the car. You can simply strap this attachment in the car.

  • Complementary to this is the 4 in 1 model with Isofix. With the Isofix, the baby car seat is particularly securely anchored in the car and also easy to install. If you are interested in the 3 in 1 and 4 in 1 models, take a look at our website.

Looking for the right stroller without car seat?

Are you explicitly looking for beautiful combination strollers without car child seats? Then you are right in our online store. Our 2 in 1 combination not only offer good value for money, but accompany you and your baby from birth to toddler age. Here you will find your advantages:

  1. Design: on our website you will find modern, elegant and classic stroller designs. For example, very popular with many parents is our retro stroller, with hand-woven natural basket. But we also offer modern, patterned fabrics and plain colors.

  2. Safety: what is important to us in all our products is the most advanced technical features of the stroller. All our products are equipped with a 5 point safety belt, a safety bar and a parking brake to guarantee the safety of the little ones.

  3. Terrain: in addition, we offer strollers that are perfectly adapted to the city and models that are more suitable for off-road. In the terrain you should pay attention to a good suspension of the wheels, in the city the maneuverability is an important criterion.

  4. Height adjustable: the practical push handle makes everyday life easy, because it allows you to easily adjust the stroller frame to the height of the parent.

  5. Equipment: when buying a station wagon stroller is always nice and color matching stroller accessories included. Often you get a diaper bag, rain cover, sun shade, foot bags or mosquito net as accessories.

FAQ - Stroller without infant carrier

What is a baby tub with the stroller?

The baby tub can be called the heart of the stroller and is included in every combination stroller. The bassinet is a firm reclining surface that is more stable and also more comfortable than a typical baby soft carrycot. That's why the bassinet or carrycot, is very popular with many parents.

It can be easily removed from the stroller, for example, to carry your child up the stairs. In our assortment you will find comfortable and ergonomic baby tubs, which offer your child the necessary freedom of movement on a comfortable mattress that is easy on the back.

The size of the baby bath

The size of the tub is a crucial criterion. It must provide enough space for your baby, so that even in winter, with a couple of layers more, he can still happily kick in the stroller.

Sufficient space in the stroller is equally important to ensure adequate air circulation so that your offspring does not sweat.

Note: Babies are not yet able to regulate their body temperature independently in their first months.

How long does a baby stay in the bassinet?

The baby bath is used for newborns who do not yet have strong back muscles and are not yet able to hold their head independently.

That is why it is also important to transport your children in the tub until they are really able to sit independently (usually from about 6 months). If they are put into a sitting position too early, this can have a negative effect on the ossification of the back.

What is a sport seat for a stroller set?

The sport seat or also sports car attachment or buggy is an attachment for the stroller, which is used when the children can already sit independently. They are equipped with a backrest, canopy and footrest and allow your child to finally explore the world from a sitting position. Our attachments are designed to be easily interchangeable.

This turns a recliner into a seat in the blink of an eye. A stroller for your needs!

Why are there strollers without a combi?

With strollers, there are different categories and different features. To ensure that parents get exactly what they need, they can choose between 2 in 1, 3 in 1 and 4 in 1 models.

A family that lives in the city and does not need a car can thus do without unnecessary stroller attachments and the associated costs. That's why you can find the right stroller for your needs in our online store.