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Combination Pushchairs

Combi stroller

The combination stroller is an ideal transportation option for your baby, from birth to toddler age, our practical stroller sets will accompany you and your child. We have a large assortment with different combination options, colors and designs. Convince yourself of our brand and our brilliant price-performance ratio. Compare our offers!

Combi stroller: the stroller that grows with your child

Combi strollers are the perfect choice for parents looking for a versatile and durable product. Indeed, combi strollers have a modular design and combine a bassinet, stroller and often a baby shell/car seat, with ISOFIX. So with the purchase of a combination stroller you have several products in one. When your child is old enough and can already sit, you can turn the stroller 3 in 1 into a buggy, in which he will see the world with different eyes. This makes the 3 in 1 combination stroller particularly practical and durable, and also an excellent investment for the future. Until your child is about four years old and weighs a maximum of 15 kg, the combi stroller is the reliable companion. So, combi strollers are the perfect choice for all parents who attach great importance to flexibility:

  • Stroller set with baby bath:
    The baby tub is the base of the stroller. This attachment is mainly used in the first 6 months, when your baby can only lie down and not yet sit independently. The baby tub provides enough space and safety for your child to relax and sleep. As your baby gets older and can slowly hold his or her head independently, you can remove the tub and replace it with a seat unit or sport seat.
  • Seat unit and sport seat:
    The seat unit, also called a stroller attachment, is perfect when your child has developed stronger back muscles. It can now sit in the stroller and discover the world. You can decide in which direction the seat unit is placed on the stroller.
  • Combi stroller with baby shell and ISOFIX:
    The so-called baby shell can also be called a car seat. It is a very practical attachment to transport your baby in the car. With a few simple steps you have the baby car seat dismounted from the stroller and attached in the car. If you want an ISOFIX base to go with your combination stroller set, this is a good investment. With just one click, your child is securely fastened in the car.

City, forest & traveling: Combi strollers in use

There is a wide range of strollers on the market, so it's often not easy to find the right one for your needs. One important factor you should consider is the intended use. Do you need a stroller that is lightweight and easy to maneuver around town, or one that is sturdy and can handle all types of terrain? If you want to use your stroller both in the city and in the country, consider a combination stroller. Combination strollers are designed to be versatile and suitable for both smooth roads and rough terrain. They usually have large wheels that can smooth out cracks and bumps, as well as a sturdy frame that can carry a child up to 15 kg. Plus, many combination strollers come with extras like an adapter for an infant car seat, making them a great choice for growing families. So if you're looking for a stroller that can do it all, a combination stroller is probably the right choice.

Important buying criteria for the combination stroller

Stroller accessories

Stroller accessories are a handy helper for all stroller riders. There are various stroller accessories that are useful in different ways depending on the season and weather conditions. Accordingly, an interesting purchase criterion is that with us many accessories parts are included in the price. Our stroller accessories include:

  • Mosquito net
  • Sunshade
  • Raincover/ Raincover
  • Footrest & footmuff
  • Diaper bag

With these three accessories you are well equipped for all weather conditions and your baby is protected from sun, rain and insects.

Color and design

When buying a combination stroller, it can also be an important criterion that you like the design and color. That is why it is important for us to offer a wide range of different variants. Convince yourself of the many advantages of our premium strollers.

FAQs on the topic of combi strollers:

What is a combination stroller?

A combination stroller is a stroller that can be equipped with different attachments. This makes it a versatile transport option for your child that can grow with him or her during the first years of life. The different attachments are easy to attach and detach from the stroller's frame, allowing you to customize the stroller as your child grows.

How long can a combination stroller be used?

A combination stroller is meant to accompany your child from birth through toddlerhood. Most strollers are suitable for use up to 15Kg, because after that the stroller frame will weaken. However, there are also some strollers that are built even more stable and can be used up to a weight of up to 22Kg. Usually children reach the weight of 15Kg at an age of 4 years.

What wheels does my combination stroller need?

This question depends on what terrain you plan to take the stroller and your child. First you should think about the size of the wheels, and then the material and texture. A distinction is made between pneumatic tires, pneumatic chamber tires and plastic tires. All three categories have their advantages and disadvantages. Large wheels air or air chamber tires are practical in the terrain, because they absorb shocks and your child can lie or sit relaxed in the car even on uneven paths. Small air chamber or plastic tires have the advantage that the stroller is more maneuverable, which can be advantageous in the city.


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