The Junama Imperial doll's pram in test The de Jong family shares their experience

Andrzej Zak
2023-03-30 16:15:00 / Parents test lux4kids prams and other articles / Comments 0
The Junama Imperial doll\'s pram in test The de Jong family shares their experience - Lena tests the Junama Imperial doll\'s pram

Imperial Black Doll's Pram

Dear parents and doll pram enthusiasts,

in this blog post we share with you an in-depth product test of the Junama Imperial doll's pram, conducted by the de Jong family and their daughter Lena, who is receiving the doll's pram as a gift for her 5th birthday. Join us on this fun journey and find out how Lena integrates the doll's pram into her daily play and what adventures she has with it.

Lena's birthday surprise

Lena has always been a big fan of dolls and loved looking after her "babies". When her parents spotted the Junama Imperial doll pram, they immediately knew it would be the perfect gift for Lena's 5th birthday. On her big day, the doll's pram, in bright pink, lovingly wrapped with a bow, was waiting to be discovered.

Lena's first reaction

When Lena saw the doll's pram, her eyes sparkled with joy. She could hardly wait to try it out and take her dolls for a walk in it. Her parents helped her take the pram out of the packaging and put it together. Lena was fascinated by the many details, functions and foldable frame of the Junama Imperial doll's pram.

First steps with the Junama Imperial doll's pram

Together with her mother, Lena learned how to open the doll's pram, attach the attachment and adjust the height of the handle. She was especially excited about the shopping basket and the ventilation windows that made the doll's pram look so real. Lena immediately started getting her dolls ready for their first walk.

The adventures of Lena and her Junama Imperial doll's pram

In the following weeks, Lena went on many adventures with her new doll's pram. She drove her dolls around the living room, the garden and the nearby park. The adjustable handle and smooth-running wheels made it easy for her to push the pram over different surfaces. The changing bag that came with the pram was an absolute highlight for Lena, as she was able to store all the important utensils for her baby dolls in it.


The de Jong family is thrilled with the Junama Imperial doll's pram. It not only offers an appealing design, but also many functions that enrich Lena's play and stimulate her imagination. The doll's pram has proven to be of high quality and durable and is an absolute hit with Lena and her parents. A clear recommendation for all parents who want to give their children a special gift.