Why ergonomic prams are so important

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Why ergonomic prams are so important - Ergonomic prams | what to look out for

Ergonomic pushchair handles: Important for your health and comfort

Dear parents and parents-to-be
when it comes to choosing the right pram, the focus is usually on the baby's comfort and safety. But it is also important for parents that the pram is ergonomically designed. In this blog post, we would like to explain why adjustable handles are so important on prams and what benefits they offer parents.
Ergonomics for parents: Why it's so important
Pushing a pram can lead to back and neck pain and tension if the posture is incorrect. Especially if you push the pram for longer walks or over uneven ground, an awkward posture can increase the strain on your body. Therefore, it is important that the pram is ergonomically designed and can be adjusted to your individual needs.
Advantages of adjustable handles on pushchairs
1. adaptation to different body sizes: Adjustable handles allow you to adjust the height of the handle to the height of the person pushing. This allows both shorter and taller parents to push the pushchair comfortably and without posture problems.
2. reduction of back and neck pain: by adjusting the handle to the individual's body size, a natural posture is enabled when pushing the pushchair. This reduces the strain on the back and neck and prevents pain and tension.
3. improved comfort when pushing: Adjustable handles allow the pram to be pushed in a comfortable position, making pushing the pram more comfortable and enjoyable.
Adaptation to different situations: Adjustable handles can also be useful in different situations, for example when you need to lift the pushchair over a kerb or manoeuvre in a narrow space. In such cases, adjusting the handle can make handling easier and increase comfort for parents.
The optimal arm position when pushing a pushchair
To ensure a healthy posture when pushing the pushchair, pay attention to the following aspects:
1. shoulders relaxed: Make sure your shoulders are relaxed and not hunched. Shoulder tension can lead to pain and posture problems in the long term.
2. elbows slightly bent: your elbows should be slightly bent so that your arms are not fully extended. This position makes it easier to steer the pushchair and relieves pressure on your joints.
3. handles at the right height: make sure that the handles of the pushchair are at a height that is comfortable for your height. Handles that are too high or too low can force an unnatural posture and lead to pain and tension.
Wrists straight: Make sure that your wrists are straight when pushing the pushchair and are not excessively bent or stretched. An unnatural wrist position can lead to pain and long-term problems. 5.
Firm but relaxed grip: Hold the handle of the pushchair firmly enough to maintain control, but avoid cramping your hands and fingers. A grip that is too tight can cause muscle tension and fatigue.
6. upright posture: make sure that you stand upright when pushing the pushchair and are not bent forward. An upright posture relieves pressure on your spine and prevents back problems.
The ergonomics of pushchairs are not only crucial for your baby's well-being, but also for your own health and comfort. Adjustable handles are an excellent feature that allow you to customise the pram to your individual needs. When choosing the right pram, make sure it has ergonomic handles to ensure that both you and your baby enjoy the best possible experience. By following the above tips for optimal arm position when pushing the pram, you can avoid back pain and posture problems and make walking with your child even more enjoyable.
By investing in a pram with ergonomic handles, you ensure that pushing the pram is comfortable and healthy for all family members. After all, walks with your baby should be a relaxing and stress-free time where you can enjoy time together and the fresh air.
We hope that this blog post has given you an insight into the benefits of ergonomic pushchair handles and will help you choose the perfect pushchair for your family. At Lux4Kids, we offer a variety of pram models with adjustable handles to provide you and your baby with the best possible comfort. Take a look at our range and find the ideal pram to suit your needs.