Lux4Kids Eco-Pro pushchair test

Andrzej Zak
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Lux4Kids Eco-Pro pushchair test  - Testimonial: Lux4Kids Eco-Pro pram

Dear parents and parents-to-be

We are Anna and Tom, a happy couple who share the joys and challenges of parenthood. Since the birth of our little darling, Leonie, we have tried and tested numerous products related to baby equipment. Today we would like to tell you about our latest product test: the Lux4Kids Eco-Pro pram with wicker basket baby bath as a 3-in-1 set.

When we were looking for the perfect pram for our little Leonie, we came across the Eco-Pro pram by Lux4Kids. This pram impressively combines modern materials with traditional craftsmanship. We were immediately fascinated by the combination of the traditional wicker basket baby bath and the swivelling tyres.

The willow branches used to make the baby tub are regionally grown and free of chemicals. Since willow is a naturally renewable raw material that is indigenous here, long transport routes can be avoided. Lux4Kids works with a small manufactory that has mastered the craft of wicker basket making to perfection. Sustainability and the careful use of resources are the main focus here.

In addition to the environmentally conscious aspect, the Lux4Kids Eco-Pro pram also offers the highest safety standards and outstanding comfort. In this article, we would like to share our personal experiences and impressions with the Eco-Pro pram and tell you how it has enriched our everyday life with Leonie.

Anna: For me, it was love at first sight when I saw the Eco-Pro pram for the first time. The wicker bassinet gives the pram a beautiful, nostalgic charm. I could immediately imagine our little Leonie slumbering in it while we strolled through the park. The swivelling tyres make the pram incredibly manoeuvrable and easy to manoeuvre. Whether we are travelling through narrow alleys, over cobblestones or on forest paths - the Eco-Pro is effortless to steer and always offers our Leonie a smooth and comfortable ride.

The technology of the pram also convinced us: with a lying surface of 80 cm x 38 cm, the carrycot offers enough space for Leonie. All attachments have ventilation windows with insect screens, and the quick-change system makes it easy to change the different attachments. In addition, leg covers are included for all attachments.

Tom: As a father, the safety and stability of the pram was particularly important to me. The Eco-Pro pushchair absolutely convinced me in this respect. The solid construction, the stable frame and the high-quality materials give me the confidence that our Leonie is safe and well protected. The parking brake ensures that the pram stands securely at all times. The frame is also amazingly light, weighing only 7.9 kg. In combination with an attachment, the total weight is only 13 kg. The pram is loadable up to 22 kg, which gives us the possibility to still use it when Leonie gets older and heavier.

The diaper bag and the removable shopping bag that come with it are also very practical. We often use them when we are out together and need to do some shopping. This way we always have everything important to hand and at the same time can keep our hands free to pick Leonie up whenever needed or just give her a little closeness.

Another highlight for us is the possibility to push the pram with swivelling tyres in an optimal ergonomic position. This makes even a longer outing with Leonie a pleasure. We have already taken many lovely walks and outings together and are always thrilled with the performance of the Lux4Kids Eco-Pro pushchair.

In summary, we can say that the Lux4Kids Eco-Pro pushchair with wicker basket baby bath as a 3-in-1 set is an excellent choice for environmentally conscious parents who value quality, safety and comfort. We are convinced that this pram will also provide you and your offspring with many wonderful and unforgettable moments.

All our love,

Anna, Tom and Leonie