Lux4Kids focuses on comfort and safety with tyres

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Lux4Kids focuses on comfort and safety with tyres - Why wheel size is so important for pushchairs

The importance of wheel size in prams: why Lux4Kids goes for big wheels

Dear parents and parents-to-be,
when looking for the perfect pram for your baby, you are sure to come across many different models and designs. It is important to pay attention not only to the outer appearance, but also to the functionality and safety of the pram. One crucial feature that is often overlooked is the wheels of the pram. In this blog post, we would like to explain why the wheel size is so important for prams and what advantages larger wheels have compared to smaller ones.
Why do prams from China often have smaller wheels? Prams imported from China often have smaller wheels. The reason for this is that these prams are mostly designed for urban use and primarily need to be light and compact for shipping in a container. But these small wheels have their disadvantages, especially when it comes to driving on uneven surfaces.
Advantages of larger wheels: Larger wheels, as found on Lux4Kids prams, offer a variety of advantages. Some of these are:
1. better suspension: larger wheels provide better suspension and therefore a smoother and more comfortable ride for your child.
2. Easier manoeuvring: Larger wheels make it easier to manoeuvre the pushchair, especially on uneven surfaces such as gravel, cobblestones or forest paths. This means you can also go for a walk away from the city without any problems.
3. greater stability: pushchairs with larger wheels offer greater stability because they have a larger contact surface. This minimises the risk of tipping accidents and increases safety for your child.
4. longer life: larger wheels tend to be more robust and durable than smaller wheels as they are less prone to wear and tear.
Testimonials: Many parents who have chosen a Lux4Kids pushchair with larger wheels report a much more pleasant riding experience. They especially appreciate the improved suspension and the easy handling on uneven paths.
Tyre materials: Lux4Kids offers a choice of different tyre materials to meet the needs of parents. Here is an overview of the different materials and their characteristics:
1. pneumatic tyres: Pneumatic tyres offer excellent suspension and are ideal for uneven surfaces. However, they are more prone to punctures.
2. gel tyres: Gel tyres are puncture resistant and offer good suspension. They are a good alternative to pneumatic tyres.
3. PU foam tyres: PU foam tyres are also puncture-proof and offer solid suspension. They are lighter than
They are lighter than gel tyres, but offer slightly less suspension. Therefore, they are usually combined with special suspension systems to achieve comfort.
4. hard rubber tyres: Hard rubber tyres are very durable and low maintenance, but offer the least suspension compared to the other materials. You will therefore almost only find them on retro prams with a belt suspension. The belt suspension is designed precisely for these wheels and offers excellent comfort.

Why do retro prams have even bigger wheels? Retro prams are known for their large wheels. These not only offer a nostalgic design, but also excellent suspension and stability. The large wheels allow the pram to glide effortlessly over bumps and obstacles and provide your child with a comfortable riding experience.

And what do other parents think about the larger wheels? We simply asked a few of our customers and these are their experiences and opinions:

Sandra, mother of two
"I decided to buy a Lux4Kids pushchair with larger wheels and I am absolutely delighted. We live in an area with lots of cobbled streets and the pram is really easy to manoeuvre. My baby seems very happy and comfortable. I can definitely recommend this pram."

Markus, father of a 6-month-old girl
"We chose a Lux4Kids pushchair with gel tyres and are very happy. The suspension is excellent and our baby often sleeps during walks. We have been on different surfaces - from forest paths to sandy beaches - and the pram has never let us down."

Julia, mother of a 1-year-old boy
"The Lux4Kids pram with big wheels is perfect for us. We love to go for walks in nature and thanks to the big wheels and the good suspension it is always pleasant and comfortable for our son. Especially on uneven paths you notice the difference to smaller wheels. I would recommend this pram anytime."

Lena, mother of twins
"As a mother of twins, it was important for me to find a pram that was stable and easy to steer. The Lux4Kids pram with large wheels has exceeded all our expectations. The suspension is excellent and I can push the pram over different surfaces without any problems. My twins seem very happy and that makes me feel good."

These testimonials show that Lux4Kids prams with larger wheels are popular with many parents. The advantages, such as improved suspension, easier manoeuvring and higher stability, are convincing and ensure satisfied customers.